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ELECTROLUX Air Conditioner. It comes with features like remote control, sleep mode, timer. It also has humidity sensor which helps to adjust the temperature according to your needs. It also has a smart power saving mode for energy saving purposes.

Air conditioner is not just a machine, It is a smart solution to beat the heat during summers and stay comfortable throughout the year.

The ELECTROLUX Air Conditioner comes with a remote control that gives you the power to adjust the temperature and airflow. It has sleep mode, timer and auto restart feature for added convenience and energy efficiency.

The Electrolux Air Conditioner is designed for the comfort of you and your loved once. It comes with an attractive design and amazing features.

This air conditioner has a good size and a big air flow. You can either use it as an AC or dehumidifier. It will cool you down in the hot summers of Delhi and is also useful for dry winters. The device comes with 3 modes – Ac, dehumidifier and fan mode.

With the A++ rated air conditioning unit, you can be assure that it provides you the best cooling performance for any indoor environment. It is easy to use and has a quiet operation.

The Air Conditioner is great for cooling any place of your choice. All you need to do is plug it into a power outlet and switch on the button to start experiencing cool air. This AC comes with a remote control, which makes it easy to adjust the settings from wherever you are. It also has a 3 speed setting: low, medium and high.