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The Citrus Press is the most convenient, easy to use and versatile juicer for lemons, limes, oranges and small grapefruits. Pure juice in seconds! Made of durable BPA-free plastic that is safe to use without any additional accessories. It’s compact size fits on every kitchen countertop and it looks great.

It is a kitchen object that allows you to easily squeeze fresh juice from oranges. It also includes a cleanup tool, so all the seeds and pulp will be neatly disposed of.
This is a very simple product description, but it covers all the basics – it tells us about the problem, the solution and what it does.

By doing this we have an idea of what kind of person would need this product and why they need it.CITRUS PRESS is a kitchen object which makes the juice of citrus fruits without peeling and cutting. It has a rotating container, which allows you to squeeze out all the juice of the fruit with just one hand.

Juice is one of the healthiest drinks. But not everyone knows how to make it. Citrus Press helps you squeeze all the juice out of your favorite citrus fruits in just seconds.CITRUS PRESS is a kitchen object that makes your life easier. With this simple device you can enjoy freshly squeezed juice with the minimum amount of effort and no waste.

CITRUS PRESS is a unique kitchen object that will freshen up the most common drinks. It squeezes out all of the juice from the fruit with one press, so you can easily make fresh cocktails at home!The CITRUS PRESS is an absolutely unique kitchen object that allows you to get fresh juice from any citrus fruits. Simply place a whole fruit in the press, and squeeze it with your hand or using a special mechanism. Juices are obtained without peeling and seeds.