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PEL Air Conditioner in Islamabad & Rawalpindi that offers you a more beautiful and comfortable life. It provides you with the ease to control your AC from anywhere, anytime. It is compact, it is install in any room, and it offers you a fresh feeling with its unique frost box design. The PEL Air Conditioner is the most efficient cooling device for your home. So, It is equip with a 3D cooling system that delivers cool and fresh air to every corner of your house.

Enjoy a healthy and comfortable living environment in whatever part of the world you are in, all year round! Pel Air Conditioner is a cooling device that uses cold air produced by refrigeration to cool down the room. It doesn’t use electricity or water to function and is portable.PEL air conditioners are easy to operate, taking just one step to start the cooling process. With a unique “Power+Cool” function, the device cools an entire room in less than five minutes.

It also reduces energy consumption by up to 30%.PEL is an air conditioner that uses the latest technology to achieve outstanding cooling performance at low power consumption. Achieving an indoor temperature of 16℃ with just 13W in a 30m2 room, it provides comfort for you and your family all year round. A cooling device with a unique patent design: Air is drawn from the outside and blown over the inner surface of the cover. It works all year round, rather than only during the cooling season. This Pel Air Conditioner is available in Islamabad & Rawalpindi.