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AIR GRILL innovative design allows you to bake, roast and grill delicious food with less oil and gas. It is a perfect kitchen tool for busy people A.g is a kitchen utensil that allows you to cook on the go. It has a built-in fan and can be powered by batteries.

AIR GRILL is a unique kitchen tool that allows you to grill like a chef in your own kitchen. It’s the healthiest way to cook and the tastiest way to grill, period! AIR GRILL is the most compact and lightest grill in the world. It is made of high quality aluminum alloy, which makes it possible to cook a variety of dishes without using much oil.

AIR GRILL cooks food with the same technology as professional race cars. By using a proven thermodynamics-based mathematical model, AIR GRILL is able to provide superior cooking results by optimizing heat transfer and airflow distribution. The result is healthier, juicier and tastier food. AIR GRILLs is a kitchen gadget which is an electric grill that has no gas, charcoal, or butane. So,  It cooks food as fast as your microwave oven and it’s healthier than frying in oil.

Air Grills is an air frying food cooker that uses superheated air to cook food. AIR GRILL is another innovation from the house of Yum Asia. So, The food cooked in this device contains no oil and tastes as good as it would have been if deep fried, with all the goodness of health and nutrition intact.

So, The first and only device in the world that grills 100% fat free food. It is so easy to use, it cooks your food with a simple touch of a button. So, Your food will never taste better! Air Grills is a revolutionary cooking device that gurantees perfect food everytime. It uses hot air to cook your food, just like the conventional method of grilling but without the need for charcoal or gas stove.