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Model: Haier Hood HCH-C11
Kitchen Hood Slanted/Touch/Heating Clean


Hood in Islamabad & Rawalpindi is a simple and effective kitchen exhaust. Hood works by drawing out the moisture, heat, and odor from your kitchen. This helps to keep it safe for cooking, food preservation, and keeping your house fresh and healthy.
The high quality of Hood in Islamabad & Rawalpindi is no coincidence – our team of engineers has worked tirelessly to ensure that we use only the highest quality materials that will last you a lifetime.

So, We’ve also made sure that every component (including our custom-built motor) was designed with performance in mind. Hood in Islamabad & Rawalpindi is the kitchen exhaust that works silently and efficiently. So, It doesn’t even require ducting; it installs directly on your kitchen’s extraction fan to capture all grease, smoke, and moisture right at the source – before it re-enters your home. Hood is the best kitchen exhaust for your kitchen to remove smoke and odor completely. It’s so simple to install as it fits any standard size of your kitchen hood.

Plus, So, you can easily control it through your smartphone using an app. Hood is the best way to vent your kitchen. It pushes the smoke, smells, and steam away from your stove and redirects it out of your home for a cleaner kitchen. Hood has been designed by an award-winning industrial design firm that understands that kitchens are the heart of any home.